Harvard Property Management

Career Descriptions

Portfolio Management Team

The greatest strength of our company is our people and their collective talents. HARVARD PROPERTY MANAGEMENT INC. organizes this talent through portfolio management teams in order to create focus and common purpose. These teams are formed as needed to care for the type and size of property to be managed. The cost of employing these team members is typically charged to the operating account of the property. The portfolio team offers a measure of each discipline; management, administration, accounting, operations and maintenance; with which to effectively deliver superior real estate service.

Each portfolio management team consists of several members, either on an exclusive or pooled basis, depending on the size of portfolio and the particular needs of the owner or property. The team may consist of personnel in the following positions:

Property Manager

The Manager’s role is to develop effective management, tenant relations and lease up strategies for the Property and to oversee the daily activities of the team assigned to carry them out. The Manager is regularly in contact with the building owner and tenants.

Marketing Manager

The Marketing Manager's role is to develop, establish and oversee the execution of advertising, public relations, communications, promotion and lifestyle programming strategies for several large retail shopping shopping centers and the Company's client, customer and vendor relations program.

Maintenance Supervisor

The Supervisor pays strict attention to the needs of the tenants and the property, and is responsible to coordinate and oversee the day to day delivery of maintenance, tenant service response and contracted services.

Building Operator

The Operator focuses on tenant service and comfort, and will attend to the building systems, respond to tenant calls, carry out preventive maintenance and perform other operations duties as required.

Property Accountant

The Accountant provides a high level of financial and analytical support with which to make timely and informed decisions. This individual administers financial data for the property, preparing statements, GST returns, attending to cash flow disbursements and compiling budget schedules.

Senior Property Administrator

The Senior Administrator’s primary focus is the preparation of regular and comprehensive management reports. In addition this individual will supervise rent collections, assist the Manager with ad hoc requests and be the point person in compiling the annual operating budget for the Property.

Property Management Administrator

Reviewing leases, accumulating sales figures, calculating rents and other tenant charges, collecting rents and handling vendor invoices are the Administrator’s main areas of responsibility. This individual will also assist with completing forms, tracking tenant insurance and handling ad hoc reports.

Marketing Administrator

As administrative support for the Marketing Manager, the Marketing Administrator carries out office duties, organizes tenant functions, prepares marketing materials and communication and is the primary customer liaison for bookings of Harvard's public spaces.

Administrative Assistant

As office and administrative support for the team, the Administrative Assistant carries out office duties, organizes tenant functions, assists with the accounts receivable and accounts payable process and prepares correspondence.